Wednesday, May 19

Why?...because I can

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Saturday, February 20


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Sunday, August 17

A beautiful Dragon Fly

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Monday, August 20

A wet Heron

Tuesday, July 3


Tuesday, June 12

Saturn's flight of Summer

Sunday, January 28

Nostradamus, A Rose Haired Tarantula

Monday, January 22

Frozen Window

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Monday, January 15

Waiting for the Storm

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Sunday, January 14

Taughannock Falls

Friday, November 24

The Spheres of Ghostly Apparitions.

Posted by Picasa This photo has been taken at Seneca Lake. The Spheres in this photo are no trick photography nor have they been manually added to the picture. I have taken several more immediately afterwards but was unable to capture the spheres again.

Friday, November 17

After the storm... up north

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Monday, October 30

Graceful... in the Galapagos

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Monday, October 9

Sailing on Canandaigua Lake

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Saturday, September 30

A Canandaiguan out for a walk...

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Monday, September 25

Can you see the Elk and the Snake?

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The Phelps Falls...

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Tuesday, September 19

The Milky Way over W. Lake Road, Canandaigua, NY

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Monday, September 11

"Little French River" by Robert L. Leonard

This part of the French River is actually referred to as the "Little French River". The French River splits at some point creating a big Island in the middle of the French River. This picture was taken at the North section of the River. The French River was the major transportation route from Quebec to the Great Lakes, used by trappers and missionaries. Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 8

A full Moon

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Tuesday, September 5

Crocodiles at Montezuma?

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Flying high...

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Sunday, August 20

Gray Heron, at Montezuma National Wildlife Preserve. Click picture to enlarge

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Tuesday, August 15

Ah, m'brother is visiting from Argyl, Scotland

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Monday, August 14

The beauty of Utah... by Jeff Fargo

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A beautiful flower

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