Monday, May 29

Legal Beagle-ez

Site Use: The Fotograpix Art site was created for Photographers from all over the world. You are free to use this site to publish your own pictures. There is a limit of 5 (five) pictures per post, but you are free to post as many times as you like. When submitting pictures for publication, a valid e-mail address must be used. This is necessary in the event anyone wishes to purchase a picture/pictures Sale of Photos: Should any one be interested in purchasing a particular picture, the owner of the picture must be contacted thru the available e-mail address on file at Fotographics Art. E-Mail: Please use this e-mail to submit your pictures. Copyright: All picture on the 'Fotographix Art' are to be used for personal and non-commercial use only. Any image on 'Fotographix Art' has been created for the sole purpose of sharing photographic images captured by the webmaster and it's associate Photographers. Any re-production, re-publishing, copying or re-transmittion of any, part or whole image is strictly prohibited, without the express written consend of the webmaster, or associate photographer. Every image is digitally watermarked and can or will be tracked. Acceptance: We will not publish any Pornography, Child Pornography, or violent, despicable pictures of any kind. Should any Child Pornography be submitted, the sender will be reported to the proper authorities. This is a site in progress at all times. Should anyone have any suggestions for the improvement of this site, please contact the Webmaster at Thank you. Pter Markwort and the Team.


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